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Does It Matter What You Believe About the End Times


Does what you believe about end time events matter?


One of the most divisive doctrines in the church is end-time teaching, a.k.a. eschatology. Because of this, many Christians have taken the approach that says, “It doesn’t really matter what you believe about eschatology” or, as one well-known preacher used to say, “trib? I am will all pan-out in the end.”


Though I can understand people’s dilemma, I believe with all my heart that what you believe about end time events not only matters, but it really matters! I would go so far as to say that much of how you live your life now is directly related to what you believe about the future.

Controversial Insights: Necessary Discussions for Church Purpose 

The things I am going to share are quite controversial but necessary to see the church rise in its God-given purpose on the earth.


I refuse to listen to end time preaching that pushes all the promises of God into the future, puts fear into the hearts of God‘s people, and creates an escapist mentality, turning this world over to death and destruction.


Childhood Fears: A Personal Encounter with End-Time Teaching

My first recollection of end time teaching was when I was about six years old. I remember seeing a movie series at our church. The movies were poorly done and struck fear into my little heart. I can still see the guillotine where Christians who refused the mark of the beast had their heads chopped off. For years after that, I remember being scared that somehow the rapture had taken place and I had been left behind. I even remember searching for my mom on a few occasions, and when I couldn’t find her, I thought that the rapture had already taken place. I am sure that some of you can relate.


Unveiling the Historical Roots: Rapture Teaching Through the Ages

As I got into my teen years and made a serious commitment to follow Jesus Christ, I also became a student of the Word of God. I began to see that the traditional end time view that I was accustomed to hearing was really not as clear in the Bible as it was made out to be. I also began to realize that typical rapture teaching, where Christians are secretly taken to heaven while all the earth goes to hell, is also not clear in scripture. (Please don’t mistake me; I believe in Christ's second coming, which is clearly taught. However, a left-behind style secret rapture is taken from a few obscure scriptures and was not the early church doctrine. It only began to be taught from the late 1800s on. It became big during the First and Second World Wars when Christians sought hope during a dark time in world history.)


My goal is not to attack different end time views or put forth a verse-by verse system with charts and graphs as to what will happen in the end. However, I desire to challenge much of what has been commonly accepted over the last hundred years and hold it up to God‘s big picture of a transformed world where King Jesus dwells.


Five Reasons to Leave Behind the Traditional 'Left Behind' View

Here are five reasons why I believe the traditional left behind view must be left behind if the church will arise in victory. 


  1. Strikes fear into the hearts of God‘s people. Fear and faith don’t mix. He who fears has not been made perfect in love.

  2. It destroys hope and causes Christians to take an ‘endure until heaven’ attitude instead of an attitude that says, “Let’s bring the kingdom to our cities, communities, and nations.”

  3. It changes the nature of our loving Heavenly Father, creating a villain and empowering a devil that Jesus defeated on the cross.

  4. It cripples creativity and stifles the influence of Christians in business, economics, media, the arts, and education. It carries the idea that Jesus could come back at any moment, so why get an education and try to do something good in the world?

  5. It flies contrary to the big picture of scripture, which is not heaven when we die, but the new people of God living within a new creation where Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

The Gospel of the Kingdom: A Call to Restoration and Redemption


I do not claim to have all the answers, but one thing is clear to me: Jesus came and established His kingdom on the earth, and it has been growing in influence and power for the last 2000 years. The climax is not the devil and his minions ruling the earth but Jesus destroying all evil and ushering in the renewed earth.

This is the Gospel of the Kingdom! This is the message of redemption, God restoring His world to the way it was created to be, and it starts with us being restored to Him.

-Nate Tanner







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