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The Inspirational Journey of
L3 International

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Welcome to the heart of our journey, where faith, passion, and a life-changing encounter with Jesus sparked a mission that spans the globe.

In 1997, Nate experienced a profound encounter with Jesus, setting him on a transformative path. As a young man, he embarked on a remarkable journey, joining forces with a team of fellow young individuals. Together, they traveled to cities and nations, fervently proclaiming the Gospel and witnessing the transformative power of God's love.

Fast forward to today, and Nate and his wife Rute have traveled to over 35 nations across five continents. Their mission remains steadfast: to share the Good News Gospel, accompanied by signs and wonders, reaching the world's farthest corners. Their passion lies in delivering a message of God's unconditional love, empowered by the Holy Spirit, to the least reached people.

In 2011, after years of devoted service within YWAM (Youth With A Mission), Nate and Rute Tanner envisioned something greater. This vision led to the launch of L3 International-– a ministry dedicated to reaching the world's overlooked and forgotten people.

L3 International stands as a testament to the commitment of Nate and Rute Tanner. Their vision unfolds in the lives of the 'least, the lost, and the last,' as the Good News Gospel leaves an unforgettable impact in some of the most challenging and hard-to-reach places on earth.

Embarking on hope.

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Pastor Paul &

Meet the L3 International
African Ministry Directors  

Meet Pastor Paul and Pamela Sichone. Their journey began in 2010 when Paul encountered Nate in Nakuru, Kenya, setting off a series of supernatural events. Months later, Pastor Paul extended an invitation to Nate and a small team to minister in northern Zambia. This humble beginning sparked the birth of a ministry that has since flourished across multiple fronts in Africa. Since 2011, Paul has served as the L3 director for Africa, overseeing the organization's endeavors in Zambia, Tanzania, and Malawi. The growth and impact of the ministry on the continent are a testament to the unwavering commitment and dedication of the L3 Africa team.

Our Pillars of Purpose

At the core of L3 International's strategic mission are three pillars that define our purpose and impact:


  1. EQUIPPING BELIEVERS: We are dedicated to multiplying disciples by providing comprehensive training, fostering development, and offering opportunities for believers to grow in their faith.

  2. RADICAL COMPASSION: Making a tangible and measurable difference is at the heart of our mission. These initiatives reflect our commitment to meeting spiritual and physical needs.

  3. PROCLAMING GOOD NEWS: L3 International is devoted to communicating the complete Gospel. We focus on sharing the transformative message of hope, love, and redemption far and wide.


Beyond our strategic mission, L3 is involved in various compassionate ministries across Africa. This includes supporting the 'Home of Hope' orphanage, the 'Hope Christian Academy' school, and 'the farm project.' Additionally, we have initiated multiple programs and Bible schools to equip and establish leaders in the truth of the Gospel.


Our commitment extends to conducting community-wide campaigns each year, reaching the lost, and making disciples. These evangelistic campaigns serve as catalysts for long-term work in regions, bringing local believers together to pray and share the message of Jesus with their communities. To date, these efforts have led to over one million individuals worldwide embracing faith in Jesus Christ.


L3 International is not just an organization; it's a movement witnessing the transformative power of the Good News Gospel in some of the most challenging and hard-to-reach places, impacting the lives of the 'least, the lost, and the last.' Join us in this extraordinary journey where faith meets action, and the transformative power of love knows no boundaries.


Multiplying disciples through training, development, and opportunities.


Making a measurable difference by meeting physical needs. 


Communicating the whole Gospel with the whole world. 

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