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2023 Year-End Report

Reflecting on the Miraculous Year of 2023 and Envisioning a Transformative 2024 in Ministry

This year has been most incredible for the ministry and for us, personally.  We wanted to get a quick summary out to you, giving an overview of some of the highlights of what the Lord has done in 2023.

It is only by the grace of God that all these things have been able to take place.  We are so very grateful for the friendships and partnerships that He has provided in the ministry. In many ways, 2023 has been an unprecedented year.  We have experienced God’s faithfulness and favor throughout our lives in new and tremendous ways. As 2023 comes to a close and we move into 2024, we want to say, “Thank you.”  Your financial sacrifices and prayers have enabled us to continue and expand the work of the Gospel this last year. 

Check Out Some of 2023's Highlights

In Zambia thousands came to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior during the four festivals of hope we held in overlooked communities throughout the country. One pastor shared; “his church is now jam packed with new believers as a direct result of the crusade that took place in his community.”

In 2023 we celebrated 196 bible school graduates from within three Zambian prisons.

In Kamfinsa prison the graduating students shared this testimony:

“Today we are standing with our heads up because of the knowledge we have acquired in this course. We attest to this fact that we were people who condemned ourselves but because of faith-righteousness and the finished work of Jesus Christ, we are no longer condemning ourselves, as we have now understood that it has been paid in full. Therefore truly, there is no longer condemnation for those who are in Jesus. We want to assure you that this knowledge we have acquired will not end with us, but many souls will receive it, knowing that we are his vessels for this generation. In conclusion we are so thankful for changing our lives.”

We hosted our second annual military chaplain retreat and training, representing chaplains from every prison facility in Zambia. Along this ongoing work with the chaplains we also held this year 15 crusades in prisons around the nation which resulted in hundreds of inmates born again.

The children at Home of Hope continue to be provided for and we even provided a new well and water system thanks to the quick action of our partners. L3’s “Amen Life Christian Academy" in Nakonde has continued to grow and expand, making young world changers.

An overlooked Namwanga village (Northern Zambia) received a clean water well and a church was started as a result of the gospel going forth at the well inauguration.

What's Planned for 2024

Moving into 2024 we have some exciting opportunities and doors that have opened to us. We have “Festival of Hope” crusades planned in several central African nations.  Additionally, we have scheduled the launching of 10 new bible schools within the Zambian prison system.  We will also begin to develop our second L3 mission's base in Zambia! Here is what it will take.


We have the following needs as we move forward with the work in Zambia. Please agree with us for God's full provision to accomplish His plans.  These needs are:

  • Drill two clean water wells alongside new village church plants planned for 2024. The cost for each well/church launch is $3500.

  • We have several large “Festival of Hope” crusades and pastors conferences planned for 2024 and each will cost an estimated of $15,000.

  • We are planning to launch ten new prison bible schools. The technical equipment and start up will cost $1200 for each location.  

  • We have just purchased 5 acres of prime land in Zambia’s central province in the large town of Kabwe. The plan is to develop a second mission’s base and Home of Hope located between the population centers of Lusaka and the copperbelt region. This facility will include a home for ‘prison babies’ (these are children who are under 4, whose mothers are incarcerated), office space for the ministry at large, staff housing, and a warehouse to store and service our crusade truck and equipment. Phase-one will require an estimated  $50,000.  This will include the initial purchase price of the land, drilling a well, bringing in electric, building a security wall, building the care-giver’s house, and building the first of several homes for children. 

Please ask the Lord about your part in this, and please do hold us up in prayer, that we may continue to proclaim and show forth the Gospel of our wonderful Lord Jesus with compassion, boldness and in the power of the Holy Spirit!

Thank you very much for joining your hearts with us, and for standing together with us in this mission. Together we are faithfully taking the whole Gospel to the whole world! 

-Nate & Rute Tanner (Alongside the entire L3 team!)


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