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Prison Ministry

“I was in prison and you visited me.”

Bringing Hope Behind Bars 

Embark on a life-altering journey with our Prison Ministry in Zambia, centered on empowering lives through the Gospel. Our approach involves impactful outreach, educational initiatives, and fostering spiritual growth. Join us as we conduct mini crusades, establish strategic partnerships, and introduce innovative Bible schools within prison facilities, aiming to bring hope and positive change behind bars.

The History

In July 2021, we eagerly accepted an invitation to share the Gospel in Zambia's prisons, setting the stage for a two-month journey across the nation. Our outreach touched 10 major facilities, featuring mini crusades for inmates and culminating in a strategic alliance with Rev Sam Zulu, the Military Chaplain General overseeing all national prisons.

Expanding our impact in early 2023, we ventured into remote northern provinces, preaching the message of Jesus and distributing essential items. This expedition not only strengthened our connections with the military chaplaincy but also emphasized the need for ongoing discipleship in each location for inmates, officers, and chaplains.

To date, our impact has reached over 40 prison facilities in every province of the nation, witnessing thousands of inmates respond positively to the Gospel.

What is a Prison Bible School?

At the core of our mission lies the Prison Bible Schools initiative, a testament to its remarkable success. In Chipata, after sharing the Gospel in both men's and women's prisons, we introduced a Bible school within the facility. This groundbreaking dual-school model, featuring morning video classes for male inmates and afternoon sessions for female inmates, has proven highly effective. The triumph in Chipata has inspired the replication of this innovative approach in various locations. Notably, in Kitwe, officers and guards participate in Bible school classes during the night to accommodate their demanding schedules.

This initiative marks a historic moment in the Zambian prison system, highlighted by the recent graduation of 196 students across three prison facilities. These one-year "Impact Schools of Ministry," seamlessly combining elements from Charis Bible School and Dr. Jim Richard's curriculum, have brought about transformative experiences for both inmates and military officers alike.

How You Can Help?

To sustain and expand this impactful prison ministry, we invite sponsors to contribute to the cost of each school kit. These kits cover essential equipment for 20-200 students, including a projector, laptop with video material, study guides, Bluetooth speaker, and a printer/xerox for teaching handouts.

The sponsorship of each school kit, priced at $1200, ensures the provision of essential equipment for 20-200 students.

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Sponsor a Bible School Kit

Your support will play a crucial role in expanding educational opportunities within the prison system.

Empowering lives beyond.

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