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Reaching Your World

10 Lesson Video Course with discussion questions.

Empowering Believers, Transforming Nations, and Unleashing Supernatural Impact for a World in Need

Welcome to the "Reaching Your World" video course – a captivating and empowering journey meticulously crafted from over two decades of ministry experience spanning more than 30 nations worldwide. Our mission is clear: to equip individuals like you with essential tools, a solid biblical knowledge foundation, and a revolutionary belief system. These elements will empower you to effectively reach your world with the profound hope and love of the gospel.

Across these ten comprehensive lessons, dive into practical insights that transcend theory, providing actionable steps to share the Good News effectively, make disciples, and cultivate a lifestyle of supernatural ministry. This course is designed to impart knowledge and facilitate a paradigm shift in your perception of God, encouraging you to see yourself as a friend and partner in His divine plan. Armed with this newfound understanding, you'll carry the solution that our world desperately needs.

Adaptable for individual study, small group discussions, and inclusion in Bible schools, these lessons cater to diverse learning environments. The flexibility of the course structure ensures it meets the unique needs of various audiences, fostering a deeper understanding and application of the principles shared.

Discover your role in fulfilling the great commission:

  1. The Believer’s Priority
    Every believer is a witness and a disciple-maker. Discover your part in reaching your world with the Good News.

  2. Motives for Ministry
    Experience God's love for you, making ministry easy and light. Explore biblical motives for a lifestyle of effective ministry.

  3. Our Model
    Explore how Jesus revealed the heart of the Father and how the early church continued Gospel ministry. Learn what scripture teaches about the power of Gospel proclamation.

  4. Perspective for Ministry Part 1
    Understand why Jesus was so effective in ministry and how his humanity is our hope and example today.

  5. Perspective for Ministry Part 2
    Your belief system defines how you see yourself, God, and the world. Learn the biblical process for transformation.

  6. Gospel of the Kingdom Part 1
    Jesus taught and demonstrated the Good News of the Kingdom. Learn the transformative message still impacting nations.

  7. Gospel of the Kingdom Part 2
    Discover how to share the Gospel effectively and naturally as the Good News of the Kingdom.

  8. Supernatural Ministry Part 1
    Biblical evangelism is supernatural. Learn how to demonstrate the power of God, transforming arguments into impactful encounters.

  9. Supernatural Ministry Part 2
    Practical tools for a lifetime of supernatural and Spirit-filled ministry. Uncover the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit available to every believer.

  10. Becoming a Messenger of Peace
    The world awaits the children of God to rise with a message of hope and healing. You are called and appointed for such a time as this. 

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